Forest Logs

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The Stellar Ship Log Book

El estelar barco (shiff) naut (logbuch)


January 2002

            Setting turns to sitting as the sun goes down

Thursday 17th

 Night 1  one person sleeping on the old platform from previous treesitters in ’98.  Stars out in the evening.  Light rain.  Lifting fog by the morning.  White cloud wall directly south.  A stellar’s jay sits and watches.  Eventually ends up chilling on the platform.  It must know about treesitters from before.  Then it went and told a friend because two of them were watching later.  Beautiful weather all day.  A bit of wind.  Second sky raft gets finished and hoisted.  In the dark, the plywood platform gets screwed down.  Tipi poles into garden tree. Flan!



 Night 2  two people sleeping on the newly secured plywood platform on 2 by 4s on the poles in between Aradia and the daughter tree.  Windy, slight cloud fog.  Stellar’s jay came back.  A little raising fog in the morning.  Raising another pole into the garden tree.  Readjustments of the platform.  Another 2 by 4.  Traverse: atravesar; cruzar; recovrer



 Night 3  three people sleeping on the plywood platform.  Rain and snow.  Wind.  Snow in the morning.  The stellar’s jay came back now recognized perhaps as Gypsy Blue, a bird friend from the past.



 Night 4  three people sleeping on the platform.  Dry.  Tarpology continues.  In the morning Gypsy Blue was jumping around on our sleeping bags before it got light.



 Night 5  three people sleeping.  Two on the platform one in a tree boat.  Rain, wind, snow.  Rain in the morning. (rain in the tree boat) Snow in the afternoon.  Sun in between.  The tree boat filled with water.  Tarpological adjustements for the shifting storm from the west is now from the North: Aguador.  Note: when creating a shit bucket, don’t use the one bucket that no one can hardly open!  A literal pain in the arse!  And on frozen fingers. 

We heard a pair of Spotted Owls (moteado lechuza/buho) find each other, east of us and very close, in the evening.  Nevado (snowy)



 Night 6  Two people on the platform.  Asleep.  In the evening hail and snow.  Wind stopped, kept snowing.  Awaking with Gypsy Blue bouncing (botar) around on our sleeping bags, the air was still still, but snow (nieve) covered (cubrir con nieve) all of the branches, the ground, and neighboring hills.  It kept snowing throughout the day till the afternoon sun, the icicles began to melt and the snow dripped. 

My fingers have been too cold to use lobster claws, not safe to work so we stay under the tarpy and get safe.  Eat lots of good flan.  Thank all the good people that brought this good food.  We have been hearing many strange sounds from below in the road.  Any day they could come meanwhile I will continue to be amazed by the weather wicked weather.

Manzana (apple) avena (oats) banana



 Night 7  An evening visitor.  Back to one sleeping.  No substantial rain or snow.  With the scratching of Gypsy Blue, I wake up with the sun rise.  He then jumps on my head, down to my arm, and on to my legs which are in the sleeping bag.  This morning he ate some oats off of my finger and out of my hand.  In the middle of the night I heard Spotted Owls on the west side a little ways off. [image]

Agradecido – (thankful)  Naturaleza Montana ARADIA

4 people in the tree, one on the ground

Beautiful weather all day!  Got a lot accomplished with a lot of great friends.  Poles/ ribs anchored and lashed.  2 by 4s screwed down.  Readjustment of platform.  Hauled plywood part way.  Snow on the ground and neighboring hills melt all day, beautiful patterns.  As the sun set and crew was back, safely on the ground a family of coyotes in the distance squeaked and howled.



 Night 8  one person sleeping.  A bit of a cold breeze, but it remained clear.  Large bright moon, just about half.  Blue skies in the morning.  I woke up to Gypsy Blue’s feet scratching around, but I got to work quickly and didn’t have time to chill.  I see him flying around.  He is loving the warming sun rising.  Here’s Gypsy Blue!  Now he’s jumping all over everything.  Got a video of him eating some oats from my hand.  Sometimes I figure he’s working for the duct tape company because he tries to poke holes in the plastic bags when he’s cleaned everything up already.  Just now he stole a huge piece of dried mango directly out of my oat bag!  Knowing he’d scored (though I don’t know how he figures on eating it since it’s the size of his freaking head!) he bounces out of sight on our newly placed boards, keeping a sly eye on me till he got to the other side of Aradia.  Now I must finish hauling some 2 by 4s and plywood that got stuck last night with the reward of granola attached to it. [image]



 9th Night  one person.  With the other side of the tree’s plywood down, I hauled up another sheet, this one shaped like an L, along with a bunch of 2 by 4s and other wood.  With the other wood I put it around the daughter tree just for a temporary extra climber proofing for the night.  I secured the lock boxes in better places and rearranged other crap.  The night began clear, then a cloud layering high above came in with the wind.  Worked up here alone, with one person on ground.  Screw bit not working.  Hauled an office shelf, and another closet door.  On and off sprinkling clouds along with very cold winds.  Couldn’t really get warm today.  The hauling helped the circulation in my feet.  Gypsy Blue bouncing around the tarpy when it would rain.  The days seem very short, though I wake with the first light, as Gypsy Blue’s feet tap and wings flutter.  



 Night 10  one person sleeping.  Rainy on and off through the night.  The moon is getting big and it is bright now at night.  They’re back!  And with a friend!  Such happiness of having company.  A beautiful comfort.  We got a lot of work done.  Three on the ground hauling plywood and sending it up.  Two in the tree (and Gypsy Blue of course)  The L and the office shelf down and up and down.  Base pole anchors tightened a few rib poles tightened.  2 by 4s readjusted.  Hauled up another office shelf, a bunch of odds and ends of plywood pieces, triangle pieces, short pieces of 2 by 4s, and three pieces of the STOP sign platform of a previous tree sit.  There now is dank food!  Including a delicious homemade creation.  Another screwdriver battery and a drill bit hand tool.  A little bit of hail, rain, sleet, and snow.  It snowed in the night.  A dry place to sleep and a friend. 



 Night 11  two people sleeping warm.  Snow on the 2 by 4s and platforms outside the tarpy, snow on branches and hill called Bald Jessie.  Gypsy Blue’s second visit in the morning he brought a friend, who hung out in the garden tree while he showed off, jumping on the traverse, the down line, and the bungee cord.  More stuff was hauled up here.  I went to the ground, because I could.  But came back up.  Reanchored the down line in the garden tree.  Set up a cargo line.  [image]



 Night 12  two people.  Huge full moon riding about an hour before sunset.  I climbed high and could see Fortuna and the ocean.  We had a visitor up here who went down at sunset.  Then the two of them on the ground went to base camp to pick up more supplies and recharge the screwdriver and video camera batteries.  Clear night relatively.  No rain.

Canopy: dosel; pabellon; cielo  Dirt: (mud) lodo; barro. (earth) Soil: tierra; suelo; terreno



Backwoods Tips:

Never expect a Cop to look like, act like, or say who he/she really is.

The Hunted.

Trackers and Stalkers

Q:  What is the difference between a Tracker and a Stalker?

A:  Trackers follow the signs of physical disturbance through any given landscape, for instance, footprints and scuff marks, broken sticks, flipped up moss, strands of hair, fibers from clothing, worn paths, etc.  Trackers most often have the patience to stalk as well.  Their usual goals are to find camps, gear/ food stashes, or to catch people off guard and/ or when they are vulnerable.  If you put effort into it, most common cops and sheriffs are too lazy to track even if they could, however there are always exceptions.  In rural areas there are more hunters amongst the cops, security guards, and workers than in urban areas so woods kids especially watch your step.



 Night 13  three people sleeping.  The stop sign helped us.  Clear weather.  Frost and frozen ground, sunny.  So nice to be back home.  Stellar Ship has grown considerably.  We hauled wood on the ground.  Cleared out the nearby stash and brought lots from a further away stash and camp.  While the screwdriver works, many pieces found their place.  A jigsaw puzzle of scraps.  Hauled. [image]



 Night 14  Sewing by moonlight.  three people sleeping on the platform, which by now has been greatly enlarged.  Clear blue skies again.  Light wispy clouds.  Bright with sunshine.

Asoleado; claro; luzdelsol: (sunny)  sunrise: amanecer; salida del sol. From sunrise to sunset: de sol a sol. Sunset: puesta del sol; ocasodel sol; anochecer



 Night 15  two people sleeping.  Again with the tarp off, trusting in the clear weather.  The ability to watch the bright moon move through the sky. 

Triangle work!  Unity.  Remembering our roots from when we were tree dwelling apes – trust yourself, trust nature.  Set two tension lines for ribs today, my first.

Tree: arbol; obligor a refugiarse en un arbol; to obligate and compel  to take refuge and shelter in/ into a tree.

Cloud covering came in a light sprinkle.  Resupply! and some great friends.  New down line ropes, roofing.  Stellar apples!  Dried fruit, bread.  A SOLAR PANEL!  Recharged batteries (phone, screwdriver)  A round piece of plywood.  Some fleece scarves.  Piss tube.  Hauled up from a stash a bucket of oats, a sleeping bag, and some clothes.  [image]



 Night 16  two people sleeping under a tarp.  A light rain in the night.  We collected a tiny amount of water for hand washing and our new piss tube.  The L found a place on the north side, near the door.  [image]



 Night 17  Midnight snacks, hauling up during a clear moonlit night.  More platform and our large door.  Three people sleeping under the bright stars.  Two people from the ground came up for the day.  We finished a triangle on the east side.  Pieces together in between branches on the north west side, around the door and the L.  Office shelf placed next to the original platform meeting up with a branch.  The hanging pole cut in half for a diagonal rib, though we lack 2 by 4s.  Poles from the ground will be necessary.

We found out that the Plan HAS BEEN APPROVED!!!




 Night 18  four people sleeping on the huge platform.  Light misting on and off in the night on our bags and blankets.  Light drizzle with the breaking of dawn.  We put the tarp up for a little while, then it returned to rising fog.

Climbed to the heart of Aradia for a brilliant sunset.  We felt safe in her arms.



[language break]



 Night 19  Said goodbye to our friends and hauled up some more stuff.  Three people sleeping.  We’ve been beginning to trust taking safeties off at night sometimes now with the new enlargements.  We lowered the garden tree’s other base pole into place and girthed it there, in the evening.  Today we anchored off the ends with follow through 8’s and barrel knots and at the other end, directional 8’s and half hitches.  The platform continued to grow till the screwdriver battery died as the sun set.  It now extends past the office shelf next to the original shelf all the way to the rib anchors and almost all the way around the daughter tree.  Still out of 2 by 4s so now we are using 2” wide poles, or carving them to that shape.  Great weather.  Windy but dry in the night, in the day topless women setting. 



 Night 20  An evening of phone calls.  Early morning friends visiting.  Hauling lots of loads.  Sent down the screwdriver batteries.  Later in the morning, we heard a tree fall, but no audible chainsaw.  3 people sleeping.  Magnificent sunrise.  Morning presents party. 

CDF helicopters scoping Texas and possibly us.  Noisy Babylon invades the quiet solitude of the animals that dwell in the forest. 

Readjustments to the base poles on the garden tree.  Replaced an anchor and temporarily placed the rib poles.



 Night 21  three people.  The first night using a rocket stove.  We have lots of bread right now.  Cooked some oats.  A windy sleep, still without a tarp.  Blue sky and clouds.  Two cars are parked across the valley north west of us, more were parked there yesterday.  They are quite far away.  We organized the workshop shed tarpy, and the living space.  We moved a bucket, and some non perishables up to different areas.  Gazing at the garden tree.



 Night 22  two people.  Windy and rainy.  No other way to describe it I guess, other than a ship.  No visitors last night, but no need of batteries in the storm anyway.  Schokolade es nicht Essen (Chocolate is not Food)  Some video taking of wind and the storm (sturm) [image]



 Night 23  A third person joins during the night as the storm dissipates.  Yummy zuzus and presents!  Return of the batteries!  Thanks to the burly ground support.  In the day we set more in the garden tree.  Rib anchors, with webbing girths and steel links attached to yellow and blue rope attached to it by follow through eights and fishermans.  In Aradia, an office shelf was freed so it could head over to the garden tree.



 Night 24  day one for third person! Spent four nights in Isis… windy, not wet though.  Plenty of rain only at tree.  This and that under wraps twisted blazing amazing hazes and mists twists this blessedness excess addressed stressless environments fulfilled spilled letters out of ink wells sinks well deep swells as we rise stellar sights nights chill fereal feel focused family chillness fill this we ‘re blessed. [image]



 Night 25  A productive day.  Backwoods training.  Garden tree ribs put into correct place and plywood set down. 

Clear night and day.  Visitors in the morning, till the afternoon.  We ate a ripe mango.  America seems to be continuing to invade and attack the world.

Blau winter regen umlaufbahn das mondhell stern Schiff wecken mit heimlich erst.  (awaken with)  Windig atem, regenbogen baldachin.  Blue winter rain orbit the moonlit starship (ein schlafen) fall asleep stealthy gravity.  Windy breath, rainbow canopy.



 Night 26  three people without a tarp.  Partly cloudy in the morning, though sunny and warm.  This wintery weather is outrageous.  Something someone would expect out of an L.A. winter or something, not in a Redwood temperate rainforest. 

It is getting warm/dark (Es wird warm/dunkel)  Weather report (wetterbericht) Forest (forst) Freund (friend) Es wird bald regnen (It’s going to rain soon)



 Nacht 27  Drei leute schlafen.  Es Neblig.  Grau in farbe.  Solidaritat (solidarity)  three (drei) people (leute) sleep (schlaf) foggy (Neblig) it is (es) grey (grau) in (in/im) color (farbe)



PRESS RELEASE on Indy Media says: Return of the Gypsy Free State.  A call to Action.  Come one, come All!

 Noche 28  cinco pueblo durmiente.  Asoleado con un escaso Brisa.  Motriz con cuatro reudas un muchacho guiar tras y respuesta, “Hey.”

Temprano manana el helicopter dejar pequeno bebe arboles.  Parti darios lo primero visitante, muchos espanol hablante hombre andar tras.  Ellos ser plantar arboles in los obvios.

Ser (were) plantar (plant; put on ground) clearcut (obvio; claro; definido) muchos (many) hablante (speaking) walk (andar; proceed on foot) Ellos (they) five (cinco) people; group; tribe; nation (pueblo) sleeping (durmiente) sunny; bright w/sunshine (Asoleado) with (con) a (un) slight; small (pequeno; escaso) breeze; light wind (brisa; soplo) motriz (motor; motive; moving) cuatro (four) rueda (wheel) muchacho (boy) drove in a vehicle (guiar) by, past; beyond (tras) answered; reply (respuesta) early; at an early time (temrano) left; leave (dejar) pequeno (small) bebe (baby) arbole (tree) partidarios (following; group of followers) la; lo; los; las (the) first (primero) visitor (visitante)



Under the Dark is a Star,

Under the Star is a Tree,

Under the Tree is a Blanket,

And under the blanket is Me.



 Noche 29  Cuatro pueblo (personas) durmiente.  Frio y nublado.

Cuatro (four) pueblo (group; tribe; nation) personas (people; persons) durmiente (sleeping)  Frio (cold) y (and) nublado (cloudy) primitive (primitivo) primate (primado) wing; organ or device for flying; projecting part (Ala) flight (vuelo) traverse in flight (volar por)




 Nacht 30  Drei leute schlafen.  Sonnig und wotken. 

Tree people sleeping.  Sunny and clouds.



 Night 31  Cuatro personas durmiente.  Asoleado con pequeno nublado.  Escado lluviade noche.

Four people sleeping.  Sunny with little (small) clouds.  Slight rain at night.  [image]



 Night 32  We have lots of new friends.  18 people this evening in the trees throughout the hills.

Six people sleeping.  Overcast.  Wonderful spirits.  Savage.

I say to the tree

You are beautiful

She answers with dignity

I say to the tree you are strong

She answers to me with a sway

I say to the tree

You inspire me

She answers with silence.

~Leah Rose O’Bryant

Julia was here.  She brought smiles and laughter, the sunshine in her eyes.




 Night 33  Tres persona mundane durmiente con la lluvia.  Noviento.  Observar mono al aire libre afueras, con avena.  Lus nublado nosotros grosella y blanca

Three worldlings sleeping with the rain.  No wind.  Observe monkey outdoors under a tarp, with the oats.  Light grey clouds as we dream of gooseberries and grasshoppers.  [image]



 Night 34  Tres habitante de la tierra en l’arbol, durmiente.  Lluvia.  Nostros acumulamos mucho lluvia.

Three earthlings in a tree, sleeping  Rain.  We have gathered a lot of rain water.

Rain chant of the frogs.  [image]



 Noche 35  Dos personas dormiente en el arbol.  Tarpology for the platform between daughter  tree.  We still have our view and the entire platform is covered.



 Noche 26  Buzzed by mosquitos and visited by a guy on an ATV.  No words exchanged.  Wonder what he’s up to.  Zen and Merlin are being visited by the same as here but more.  One more 2 by 4 for the bow – the last one!   Next is plywood, although we’ll have to rescue it from the ground – oops!  Personas favoritos visted con presents of tastiness.  Amigos brought their video camera to document this wondrous work of love.  Two people sleeping.  No night visits as we had anticipated.



 Noche 37  La luna es mi amor.  Gypsy Blue awakens us with his tapping, nice to see him again.  Another friend came early this morning.  Hung the second skyraft in Aradia.  Super duper tarpology during high winds. 



 Noche 38  Rainy days under our flantastic tarpy.  And all of a sudden, our personas favoritos came to party with us.  [image]

There is a River flowing near me and I have watched that River change and grow for eight hundred years I have lived here through the wind, the fire, and the snow.  I see Salmon return every summer.  I have watched young Owls learn to fly.  I have felt the claws of the Grizzly.  I have heard the lone Wolves cry.  I have seen great glaciers melting.  I have met lightning eye to eye, but now I hear bulldozers coming. 

I know that I am soon to die, and who will house the Owl?  Who will hold back that River’s shore? And who will take refuge in my shadow, when that shadow falls no more?


Friendly familiar faces record beating with 8 peeps.  So much food oh my goodness.  We had an awesome picnic under the new beautifully done tarpology job.  We now have a solar light, alarm, radio playing 80’s.  Yes, what more can we ask for?  Living up in the canopy in a magical forest with beautiful people, in an amazing ship with the rain falling hydrating the earth, mmm.  The forest is so happy.  Things are looking good, more ships are going out to see hopefully.  Shutting down Maxxam!



 Night 39  A visit from Isis.  Ate like tomorrow wasn’t coming.  Chilled.  More friends!  Cinco personas dormiente.

Standing like a tree

With my roots down low

And my branches wide and open.

Down comes the rain

Down to the Earth

To fulfill my roots.

I am standing so free.



 Night 40  Something is calling me.  Open your eyes it says.  Then silence.  Open your eyes, it calls again.  So I awake to the dawning of a new day and the closure of yesterday.  La luna radiated vampire red in the half night sky as the sun started creeping up the hill tops.  Slowly the darkness disappeared as the light engulfed everything in its reach.  Transforming the blue black indigo into pink, orange, red, yellow, and sky blue.  Rainbows dancing on the lush hill tops where in the valley an ocean of clouds caressing the forests’ life while dancing with the river’s currents.  Birds sing with joy as the sun rises once again to a new beginning. 

Spent a wonderful night here.  This is the Tajman hall of treesit, you kids rock.  Come to the other side and visit anytime.  You too Gypsy Blue.

Ah yes.  What a magical day, an ending to the sun light welcoming the moon lit night.  Oh la luna shining down on us so bright, cleansing with her spirit.

First night in my sky raft!  Most beautiful sunrise.  I can rock myself to sleep.



 Night 41  I wish that a miracle will occur so that Hurowitz is filled with love and compassion.  Aradia is una arbol bonita y magnificente.  Yo tengo mucho amor para ella.  She gives us refuge because we are obligated to help show her place thus our place in this jewel of a planet.  What more could a person need, for Aradia provides shelter and love.  The Stellar Ship is more of a home than the largest palace.  Her branches embrace us, silently asking for us to mind her, and always be safe.



 Night 42  Water mission got muchas agua and cardboard boxes.  Fully cleaned the living room and cooked dank meals.  Garlic mashed potatoes, mmm, and sour tofu sautéed in soy sauce and lemon and H2O with tahini, mmm.  Added more platform to the bow of the Stellar Ship and add more to the Garden tree.  Also started germinating seeds.  Had a wonderful roommate live with us for a few days.  Tried a new repelling system with the down and haul lines’ belay styles.  Two friends used that system and went to camp.  So I can’t remember what else happened, so there.  Oh yeah I spent the night up in a sky raft, it was so cozy warm styles, mmm.



 Night 43  Waking in the middle of the night with visitors.



 Night 44  Just after sunset I came back home to Aradia and my family brought a friend and he climbed for his first time!



 Night 45  Tasty pancakes!  They are everything and more than we had salivated for.  Judi Bari and David Gypsy Chain are being celebrated today by 40 or more people in the Gypsy memorial and by the tree dwellers.  We up here could hear them down there.  Earlier, the Mexican guys were working in the clearcut planting trees.  We were hooting and calling to each other!  Isis too.  Viva la Revolution!!

Five people sleeping, each sky raft is filled.



 Night 46  Two new fishies climbing up to share their love with Aradia and the Stellar Ship crew.

A first time nighttime climb.  Darkness found me confused, patient, and excited for first light sight.  I slept with assurance in Aradia’s arms.  First light, cold breeze kisses my face like a lover whispering in my ear.  Tree tops filter the sun’s energy that bathes my body with dancing fairies.  Red into orange, black into green.  The tension builds, here it comes, the sun erupts on the horizon like a volcano igniting the birds in songs of love and stories of the cycles that bring this bright, new, hopeful day.

Hey this is the Admiral saying Ship Tally Ho all is in shape, lots of flan cakes yum, maple syrup.  Gotta go now, later.



 Night 47  An abundance of tasty pancakes!  Lemur will be back…

Looking down from high above.  Floating in the air on a traverse.  The green canopy spirals down in layers.  The forest floor is delicate ferns.  Sunsets in brilliant purple orange.  The scene is free and alone from human interference, including myself.  [image]

Had a delicious dinner, mmm. Quinoa with fried tofu, potatoes, bell pepper, carrots, with curry, cayenne, and other delightful spices.  Maybe that meal will make my poop more solid.  Worked on Garden tree, screwed platforms down and added a couple of braces.  [image]

“I'm on your side, nowhere to hide, Trapdoors that open. I spiral down. You're living in a fantasy world. I'm lost at sea, don't bother me, I've lost my way. You're living in a fantasy. This beautiful world.” 

Come in.  Someone brought me a disc player and Radiohead’s new albums Kid A and Amnesiac, which I had never heard before since they came out when I was on the road and in the Mattole.  I am in love and in a feeling of desperation at the same time.  It has been many years since I listened to music with headphones, and I am in a different world.



 Night 48  As the sun was rising over the hill tops purple, orange, yellow, started tainting the blue grey sky.  The smell of rain in the air started tickling my nose.  Mmm, yes, Rain.  It’s time.  So after some warm oats and tea the moisture in the air became more dense.  Oh yes I mustn’t forget to mention the chilly wind as it bounced through the valley moving everything in its path.  Helping me once again to feel the oneness with all.



 Night 49  Rainy day.  One more person for the night.  Still can’t get a hold of town.



 NIGHT 50  Brrrr!  Yay, we prayed for rain and got snow!!!  Snow, sun, sleet, wind, sun, breeze, rain.  The earth taking a breath in, and then blowing it out.  Branches move and dance while the tree trunks sway…

Onward to sit in Merlin for a few days and to live with the wonderful Zen, across Grizzly Creek. [image]

Aradia’s first debut on KMUD!  We invited everyone to come live with us.  Four people sleeping.  A new friend joined us.  A huge resupply came bringing us super tasty treats and love!



 Night 51  Awakening to the platform covered in snow.  Ridges were also topped with white purity.  What a beautiful picture.  By midday the snow melted on the mountain tops.  The sun was making a break through, the grey clouds turning the sky bright blue with white fluffy clouds.  Cold wind chill.  Four up in the sky raft for sun set.  Attempted to raise base pole again.  Four slept through the chilly night.



 Night 52  Heavy winds in morning, knowing rain would come we put up the tarps.  Dropped many things off in the night, but most was retrieved.  One went down to camp.  Hopefully more will come out.  It is RAINING!!  Visitors came to bottom, brrr.  Three slept very warm and dry.



 Night 53  Had friends from Santa Cruz visit for breakfast.  Chilly day with cloud coverage and a little drizzle.  Got a hold of the hootenanny book.  So much fun and singing.  Three slept.  Water safety apparatus put to great use. 



 Night 54  Water run and ran into an unexpected water run.  Four visitors, three came up.  Very sweet folks.  A few hours after leaving they came back because they lost their way, so four slept down on the ground, and two slept up in the tree.  Chilly and light drizzle.  Oh yeah, we hard core cleaned.



 Night 55  Resupply with inner tubes and food in late night.  Water came back, snow in the morning, just enough to dust the canopy.  Masu masu samui ne: it’s getting colder, isn’t it?

Gunshots near and afar.



 Night 56  Woke up to white skies, huge snow flakes fell and covered the earth around us in its chilly blanket.  Zen had an unwanted visitor asking if they always spent their time up there.  Sketchy.  Resupply had to hide. 

We figured out how to recharge our batteries on the motorcycle batteries and the solar panel!  Now we can use the telly to yakyak.



 Night 57  Two slept.  Cold and drizzle. 



 Night 58  Retensioned lines, padding around Shiva.  Water catchment kind of set.  Reinforcement on platform.  A visitor brought us phone battery and power adaptor for phone.  High winds with rain, sleet, and snow.  Two slept.



 Night 59  Woke up two a snowy frost covered platform.  Found micer poop in bowl.  *turn food stuff upside down* and had pancakes, mmm.  Four new roommates and one came back.  So, seven people sleeping.  Good tasty dinner on another chilly night.



 Night 60  Freezing sleeping friends.  Beautiful storm today, blowing the soft flakes all around us.  Wonderful discussions of anarchy, sustainability, and utopia.  Our new friend has just liberated himself from the system of bullshit.  Four sleeping warmly snuggled.



 Night 61  Glorious sunshine!  Hot tea.  Rescued the throw bag using sky walking method! 

Sky raft night.  Cuatro personas dormiente.



 Night 62  Moon chases sun, sun chases moon.  Water run, twice.  Lots of visitors, three stay.  Six sleep.  Good healing energy tonight, la luna shines Cheshire smile.  Warm night caressed in moonlight.



 Night 63  Clear blue skies with run rising orange, pink, blue, purple as another day begins. 

The earth and sun blow their sweet, pure kisses to us.  The gusts sweep our minds of useless chatter and feelings that cloud clarity.

The view is amazing.  Never in my life have I been so overwhelmed by nature.  I never thought I would climb a tree.  So now I sit 100 feet off of the ground.

The sun sets while the candle light reflects the consciousness of the day where no hateful words nor verbs displayed over the rummy cards, as our natural light fades.


  Warm spring days shine upon us.  Spring cleaning!  It’s a party, relocation of base camp to the trees.

A visitor, on the first day of spring!  What an incredible gift to be here in this huge tower of love that has sprung towards The Grandfathers from The Mother.  To feel safe as I climb 120 feet tells me much.  I thank you devoted souls who sit here for her life.  And I thank these tree people for their kindness and compassion… forgiving us over and over.  Thanks all of you who helped me get up here so I can carry a bigger and more beautiful prayer in my heart.  With love as big as the whole sky! ~Jade

Love life we’re having a party tonight.  Din Din peanut butter and celery.

Nine people sleeping.  The garden tree platform had its first occupants.  Sky raft swaying, rocking me in the night gusts of wind.  Impromptu tarpology.



  Farewell for now to our visitors.  Five people juggling, reading and munching.  The sun might get a chance to peek out.  Quebec kids came to visit!  Midnight visit!!!




“Only crazy or very foolish men would sell their Mother Earth!” ~Black Elk

Dos personas; deux personnes a l’arbre, il pleut et il fait froid, mais l’esprit est eleve, et le grand oiseau est aux ciel!  Bon nuit!  ~ Bon Matin!  Voici le sol!  Bien! 

“Give them now the flowering stick that they may flourish, and the sacred pipe that they may know the power that is peace, and the wing of the white giant that they may have endurance and face all winds with courage!”  ~Black Elk

Voici le ciel bleu!



  A visit from a Steller’s Jay in the morning.  Woke up to fog in the valley and blue skies above.  The Jay bird came under the tarps in the branches of Shiva and chilled a little while it’s a good day to fly.  Visits from a Hummingbird.



  seven slept.  Water run, cloudiness up in the canopy.  Big cleaning day.  Moist night.



  seven slept.  Good friend came from other places.  Great group of family warm in a cloud of night.



  Water run.  Sunny day after the fog rose and by sunset fog flowed back up the valley two the canopy.  Five slept.






  (note from a visitor)  Water run completed yesterday.  Stuff from an old sit (Merlin) was dropped and stashed.  Today (Zen) was visited by P.L.  They complained about the trash (poorly stashed plywood and extra tree sit stuff) and said they were aware of what happened last night.  They also told the Zen occupant that he didn’t need to sit right now and he sould go get a job and come back in Fall.  They were spray painting.  Yesterday evening five folks heard the squeaky, squawky calls of the Spotted Owl and the four on ground were visited by her.  Photos were taken.  She was seen at the bases of Zen and Merlin.

Today, I helped pulley extra food buckets to the Garden sit along with tools and extra packs.  I hoped to clean the platform.  Sometimes it’s hard for so many people to decide how things should go.  “How can you disorganize the Disorganized?”  Water should be done soon, it goest fast with so many people.



  Meeting in the high canopy!  Cleaning camp and Texas.  Raising the platform!

Warm night.  Ten people sleeping in these trees, a village on a platform and above.  Treesits in Freshwater, the Mattole is returning.  A rotation of forests continues to happen.  Town is abound with word “The protesters are around”  P.L. is going down.  While we live underground or above, in the trees praying with the balance of nature’s peace.



  Dropped Zen.  Four slept.



  Visited by Fish and Game.  Were looking for stash spots.  Four slept.






  Changed low traverse to Garden tree to a walkway.  Five people slept last night.  Taught knots all guys.  Need mamas.  Mamafestation.  Girls need to come back to mom.  Get out of the boxes.  Boxulism babelon.  Townee grandee.  Four slept tonight.



  or so.  Lost one today.  Went to Hawaii.  Three slept tonight.









  Water run and retrieved platform from Isis.  Four slept.



  Rainy and cold, not getting much done.  Four slept



  Big windstorm, had to do some tarpology.  Everyone cold and wet.  Four slept.



  Wind died down, two went down.  Two slept.



  A wonderful fairy joined us today.  Two came up, four slept tonight.  Nice to have some feminine energy in the trees.



  We awoke to giant snowflakes falling gently through the air.  Seven slept.



  three of us arrived yesterday.  Cold, crisp, and mostly clear night last night.  Six of us now.  It feels great to be up here!  Looks like maybe a rainless day to get some projects done today.  Time for us newcomers to learn the ropes.  Seven people reside on the ship tonight.  Tree village in sight.  War of the sexes.  Buddha watches over. 

Two visitors from the Natural Guard, came for a few hours to say hi.



  The eve of the hippie holiday see five in the tree.  A pass the stick tradition begins with a never ending story.  Everyone goes to sleep with visions of what the holiday holds.



  Three of us stay to man the Stellar Ship while the others join the festivities of Babylon.  No unexpected visitors that some of us had hoped for.



  Well I’m finally back to the mountain.  It’s petty cramped.  It’s funny how Babylon can make you forget simple things like foot prusiks.  Found out a good friend from on the road has ODed within the past few months.  Fukk man, I shouldn’t be used to this kinda thing at sooo young.  Whatever, Life is what it is.



  We cleaned up a bit.  Well two out of like six did.  Some folks helped set a platform.  I sang to the trees (the lil babies) and declared it another naked day.  Thank Mother I was alone, cuz being the only girl with seven guys is overwhelming at times.  The day was perfect and the moon was beautiful too. 



  Woke up at sunrise.  For a moment I have never seen the sky so amazing in the morning.  I have in more toxic areas, but that doesn’t count.  People are very lazy today.  I really feel a turn in this sit.  People just want a squat that is dry and free food as needed.  Sure that sounds great but this is a serious action here.  These fuck holes are making it hard on those who care.  If shit gets out of hand I’m kicking people out.  It’s not my home, but there’s no place for selfish, needy, lazy assholes.  Today is a regulation day.



  six peps resided in our humble abode this foggy cold eve.  A brother came from up in Oregon sits to see who we look like and stuff.  Oh yes, I touched the very top of the tree today. ~Ewok



  Thursday 4-25-02  It is fine this morning, we got a lot done, we cleaned.  Some went for water, I can speak for myself by saying we the squatters led by the Babylon Dwellers are expected to do more than we are ready to do sometimes.  Well everyone who is here came from the streets (except one) We have all been Dumpster Kids and we are here to make the wrong things right.  We look at things differently.  We are very tired of being homeless and because of exhaustion we joke about free food and housing (if you can call it a house) but the bottom line is: We came and we are Still Here and we Don’t plant on leaving this sit without Replacements and without us gutter punk squatters there would be one lonely person with no one to talk to. Not Learning Not Done.  Oh yes, five slept this eve. ~Ewok wuz here



  yo yo yo things worked out and we are on our way, but like always we’ll be back.  Hope we can make “it” happen!  There is two of us here now.  The control freaks have left.  They did exactly what they complained about, eat up all of the food and safety, and then they bailed after a short time.  Two slept.



  two slept.  We had two Blue Jays pay us a visit.



  three slept.  Heavy clouds.



  five slept.  Drizzle started in the morning and turned to rain in the afternoon.  There has been a lot of big talk in this book, with little outcome, don’t use this log for personal squabbles!



  four slept this eve.  Cold an rainy but an okay day to spend chilling in a hammock.  Food is good.



  seven slept crunched and cold.  Wren is writing.  Fog.  Moss.  Cold.  Cozy.  We all hope it is warmer tomorrow.  This is another existence.  Living as another walking corpse will be an impossibility henceforth.  Boredom is impossible when you are LIVING.  Much love to Aradia, Garden, and Lichen. 

“Freedom, not safety, is the greatest good.”  ~Edward Abbey

“If we wait while we are unafraid to speak, we will be speaking from our graves.”  ~Audre Lorde



  four slept.  Still wet and cold.  Two took off for food, then took Oak and went into town like pussies.





  four slept.  Three in tree, one on ground.  Busy day.  Emptied shit, got water, food.  Got a tick.  Wren could not get all the way up.  Slept on ground.  Had a blast.



   May 6th.  Branch left for town to get food and said that he would be back today –nope- three slept.



   two slept.  One went to town for food.  Two girls chilling.



  Brought up lots of food.  Two slept.  Girls left, two guys stayed.  Windy.



  two slept.  One went to get water from stream and couldn’t find it.  Rope got caught on branch and Oak had to repel down to untangle it.  Slept well.



  Saturday 5-11-02.  Two slept.  It was a beautiful day in the tree but the ground was hot and bug ridden.  Got water for a few days, ate mashed potatoes that were very good.  Comfortable weather.



   two slept while it rained.  A little bird came to visit.  It had a black head with a white stripe on each side of its head.  It had brown on the top of its back and gray feathers that had white around the edges.  The bird also had a gray chest.  It came by and stayed around for about 15 minutes, picking at the blankets and sleeping bags to find something for its nest. 



  two slept here again.  A Chipmunk came while we dozed, took two chunks of chocolate.  This morning a hummingbird arrived, fluttered about our abode as we chewed granola.  Three days ago I injured my left ankle while scampering around the ground, exploring game trails and the forest further up Gypsy Mountain.  I came up on a beautiful grove of Redwood Trees, most of them marked for cutting – blue spray paint encircled their trunks.  At least one of them looked ideal for a sit.  But later I hopped over a thick fallen Redwood and landed wrong, possibly breaking bones.  I hobbled back to Aradia and I’m still in agony when I put pressure on it.  So now I’m confined to this platform, which is not the worst of situtations.  We have plenty of food, good books to read, nice weather, and fine company.  We will see whether a logger visits us today for the third Tuesday in a row.  Hardly more than three weeks ago, I was couch surfing in New Jersey, now I’m nestled up in this fantastic tree.  Bless Aradia.



  two slept here.  No logger visited yesterday, but two friends did!  They were forest activists from Los Angeles, and they brought food and water and hugs.  Now it is cold and drippy.  We will huddle in and wait for the Chipmunk to visit.  Lots of dank food to share.



  A quiet day.  Two slept.  Didn’t see the Chipmunk.



  Company at last!  Just as we were going to retire for the night after a few good hours of whimsical talk about mind-altering substances.  Two friends came!  Four slept here.  Three on the platform and one on the sky raft.  We were dry.  Bless this fine tree.  Also, no Chipmunk again.



  four slept.  It rained at night but the day was nice and sunny.  Climbed up to the top of the tree and enjoyed the view.  Cooked some dank pasta.



  Outside shines, not like nickles and dimes, chimes of voices teaching reaching into astral macrophysical meta what?  Has what I thought caught up to the train of zionites majestic babylon’s crown crushed it crumbles disintegrates.  We levitate sky wise, canopyites dwelling swelling egos cease making we go astray ashtrays in my lungs go away.  Young never throw conniptions, people fit stereotypes here and there, we must be beyond compare.  Dare bare skin relaxing never sin, never reversing, simply rehearsing mic tendencies.  Babylonians freeze ease into the breeze trees celebrate much from birth to mulch mountain to gulch such amazing creations, relations ancient ancestral travelling forward astral sections subterranean matter maternal nocturnal journal thoughts scatter ram batter down walls where we find them, remind and mind them. Intentions pure simple clear no fear trodding this here road red path way of stars those before we plus after we continually be tree medicinal intrinsical when metaphor brings mental physical healing revealing true sources, of course it is the current flow wave we ride round.  I hear sounds of petrol running out soon, moon phases I praise this survey if you please the Goddess we must appease chainsaws cease etchings of ink sink deeper than some surprise.  Surprise eyes behold Jah praise levity sanctity I pray thee raise we to be as the tree sanctuary upper canopy.  It ain’t fading.



  May 19.02  nine heads in the canopy last night.  Three in the Garden tree, and six in the Stellar Ship.  Fat goodies found in the cookie box.  Two peoples first night.  It is super windy out.  Hopefully it will bring Rain.  It is so nice to be back.  Thank you Great Spirit for these beautiful people I am surrounded by on this platform.  We are all so blessed to be here, to know truth.  Sometimes it can be so painful, so heart wrenching but we must remember we are the blessed ones who know and can bring the love to the people.  We are here to save the trees as much as they are here to save us.  Let us bring the love and compassion and knowledge of these trees to the people.  Everyone is so beautiful.  We make this Earth, our altar, what we please.  Let us make it heaven.  It is not hard.  Just open your hearts to the oneness of all and we will unite with peace and justice for all.  Namaste.

Come together; unify under this blessed sky filled with the rainbow’s color; listen to the cries of our Mother in the wind.  Speak no lies to our children and brothers, let them live in harmony with equality cuz when the truth we speak, and let all life forms be, our souls will be eternally free.  Find the beauty in life, lost all strife, realize we create all those to which we relate, so manifest Global Peace.  Let it be your release.  Soar high like a bird, make our message heard.  Stay strong for the long haul, my spirit is with y’all.  Love you.



  May 20th  Last night we slept eight.  Two in the Garden tree, six in Aradia.  The wind was howling.  We saw a beautiful double rainbow right before sunset I climbed over to Lichen on the traverse.  It was so windy, tight and then loose, tight and then loose went the trucker’s rope.  It was an insane ride.  We were blessed with lightning in the night before sleep time.  It was magical, really close it seemed craziness.  It is chilly today.  Rain, wind, fog.  The forest is happy for the water, she was thirsty.



  May 21st  Lodge Pole here.  Disaster averted in Aradia.  Girl (better kept unknown) freaks (not half freak out – but full blown psychotic screaming, won’t go down freak out) the fuck out.  First won’t put on harness.  Finally she is strapped in.  Won’t go down the hole (portal) so I belayed her down, she grabs branches screaming “I want my mommy!” and “I don’t want to die, I’ll stay here!”  After being forced down the hole to the branches, she starts trying to undo carabineers.  We jerked her from branches and repeated this whole ordeal over and over and over until finally we got her below all of the branches and safely to the ground.  I will never become a rescue worker if it is the only job on Earth.  I am very proud of the crew who was here to deal with this wingnut.  I am also pleased with my skills to get shit done in times of ultimate distress.  This chick is not ever going up a tree again ever.  Never, ever.  I’m sorry you had to put up with that shit Aradia.  I will take full responsibility and be more careful with those who come to rest in your loving arms.  Thanks from all of us for keeping it real.  On a lighter note, today is Coral’s b-day and we will be leaving now after three nights.  Rage on.  We love you, Lodge Pole!  Jah Lives.  P.S. if anyone would like to hear the story ask Lodge Pole for details.



   5/22/02  Turtle reporting from the Stellar Ship.  Jay bird and I woke this beautiful morning with the sun shining and fog clouds blanketing the hills around us.  Just before mid day a military looking helicopter approached from the west and followed the river line south of Aradia.  The chopper seemed to be doing a flyby of the sit.  Jay bird and I climbed the Garden tree up to the sky ship and then took the high traverse back to Aradia for our first time.  Yippy, tis beautiful and much fun.  It is about quarter to seven now, and the sun is beginning its decent for the evening.  Peace, buenos noches.



  May 23rd  three more came up today to add to the two beautiful souls already here.  I went and checked out sink hole and the spring is still there.  We can’t park at the campground anymore.  The ranger yelled at us.  I parked on the opposite side of the bridge and left a note on my car saying I locked myself out.  It’s been so sunny. Yeah!



  May 24th  So today is the dedication at the bottom of the hill.  Maybe we will have visitors or at least a drop off.  We hiked up a lot of gear yesterday, so we’re going to rearrange the tarps today.  Maybe do some line tensioning, organizing, cooeeing and maybe the folks at the bottom can hear us.  LP is on the radio now talking to some truckers or something.  It’s pretty funny.  It is nice to see new faces in the flanopy.  Hopefully they stay.



  May 25th  Turtle from AZ went across the big traverse, Cody took a nice walk and found yet another giant tarp.  We dried out some old stinky rain gear and made a spot for the shitter.  Aradia’s human quarters have improved! 

The social conformities of my think skin lay forgotten on the forest floor but the rich man’s men across the way remind me to my dismay that the plundering will not end until enough people have had enough.  Have you spoken of compassion to a Grizzly Bear whose cubs are threatened, likewise like a hawk we must prey on that which threatens our children, the forest.  Maybe not this time with our fists or our blood for that is our privilege, but with paper and with bodies that can stop them all.  When they come with their guns will we let them kill us or will we fight to defend what is already with us?  Thank god we have not yet had to choose.



  5/26/02  Mice have taken over the Stellar Ship!  Stellar Ship needs a Cat!  And after a changeover of personnel, two hip cats – Dude and AK (aka Oak) – returned to pilot the Stellar Ship.  A beautiful night – clouds towards the horizon north of us looked like islands in the sky, and we felt like sailors.  Mice or no mice, we will not be marooned!  This tree protects us.



  Went to spring today.  It was dry.  Have to go to park after dark for water.  It is nice to be back here in Aradia.  Life in the trees at Fall Creek was fun but it grows weary.  Glad to be among family.  Two sleep tonight.



  AK traversed yesterday and lobster clawed to the Garden tree today.  Now AK & Dude will renew our commitment to safety, eat soy nuts, and listen to the birds chirp.  Two slept here yesterday, and two will sleep here again tonight.



  Memories of revolutions berate.  Arms linked, masked up, triumphant on a war path, we marched.  The security checkpoint raised our red and black flag over the memorial.  Headted arguments about whether this resistance was worth dying for:  Should we attempt to block Bush Jr.’s inauguration parade?  I was ready, but the consensus wasn’t there.  Next major convergence: Direct action against the G8.



  The rain started last night and is continuing on through today, something about a rainy day in the trees brings back childhood memories.  I am at home among leaky tarps and we sleeping bags.  Today will be a safe day.  Two should sleep tonight.

But two more came, so four slept.  Yummy lentil soup for dinner.  We are still encased in a drippy cloud.  We hope to manifest some sun.



  three leave to go to skill share.  One hardcore canopy kid mans the Stellar Ship through a sunny evening, a beautiful sunset  and back into a drippy cloud.  A caterpillar returns to their cocoon. 



  I am dry but the air is so damp I can’t stay warm.  I hope everyone is having fun at the skill share.



  Stellar Ship Sailors Log.  Five sailors aboard.  A beautiful day!  Lots of moisture everywhere.  Lots of drippage and fog consuming Aradia and her branches.  All around the valley and ridges lie out of sight, shrouded in thick thick thick fog.  I and I manned that sky raft last night and in the morning climbed up up and away to the toppety-top.  Rooster Crows.  J-man going off on crazy shite.  This concludes the morning report of the Stellar Ship Journey.  P.S. Jungle’s a nutcase!



  Skill share has been going great.  There were about 12 to 15 people when I was last there yesterday morning.  Six sailors aboard today.  It has been the most beautiful day already and it is only lunch.  Lots of love.  We all shared some time together at the upper platform.  The plants are looking okay.  They are going to be beautiful strong mamas.  We are cooking up some nature burgers, yummy.



  Still five of us loving life in the flanopy.  Today seems to be a day of feasting.  Adam (PL guy) came by and talked for a while.  It is sad.  He is a person too, he doesn’t realize all of the corporate lies that he is being fed.  How can we come together?  I could tell L.P. was getting through to him but we still can’t seem to make a connection.  How can he think PL land after timber harvesting is at all healthy?  J-man is helping us get a platform for training for tomorrow.  Will be good.  I hope all is well at the skill share.



  New boys in the canopy and they forgot about the log.  Two of us slept in Lichen last night.  We were the first inhabitants.  It needs to be finished getting tarped off in case the rain comes.  I climbed to the tippy whippy for the first time over there.  The traverse to Mana was set a little higher on the Garden tree but we still need to set it higher in Mana.  It is nice to see new faces in the flanopy.  We need to have an in tree training.



  6/12/02  Chipmunks and Ewok back again.  Eleven kids hanging out just before sun down.  Me and others leaving soon.  Just came up for resupply and to visit.  Thank you all.  Much love, much respect. ~Ewok [image]



  6/13/02  Nine people in the tree!!!  Going back to Aradia today.  Either we are all nutso, nutty, nutter bar hazels, or we got much love for Aradia.  Guess it could be both.  It is because none of us are leaving and the structures we hang from drop more by the minute into the clouds below.  Our feet dangling.

Going down the mountain and back to Aradia once more today, and the Universe tells me à my ass is in for another hike up quite soon.  [image] Spots where I walk on my feet when I hike, and the chipmunk with the mole behind its ear ate an oat off of my toe this morning.

Someone slept in Mana for the first time last night.  The stars were So bright, oh the traverse last night and the sunrise this morning!  Grizzly Creek and the valleys filled with fog, but all was clear up here.  The fog has lifted by 10 am. 

Haste makes good time: Not the maxim of the day.  I had a wicked dream last night and somebody said that it is the 12th, which was me, but it’s not, it’s the 14th.  My dream last night was like the two nights preceding.  Lots of fun, very dark.  Vague, though there were mountain passes and winding roads.  All I can clearly remember was being at the house or log cabin of a friend of my immediate family, named Larry whose relatives from past and future were mingling about and he didn’t even really have time to talk.  The trees here are really Really beautiful and are good to climb.

All of the trees were inhabited last night for the first time, all four trees.  It is so beautiful.  Two beautiful mamas left today but at least one will be back.  Mana, the Garden tree, Lichen and Aradia’s main platform and skyraft were all slept in.  This place is so powerful.  Every night when I cross the traverse, I get this incredible feeling.  It is not really scary because it is dark, and you don’t really notice how high you are.  It is so beautiful.  This morning was really surreal, the clouds sat in the valley and above them, where we are the sun was shining so bright and hot.  I felt like I was in heaven perched above the galaxies on a cloud.  The fog layer was so thick you could barely hear the cars on the highway.  Some crucial brethren are heading out today.  I am going to miss them.  We have all been thinking a lot about Viren, who is trapped within the walls of the system.  Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are.  Even though it really sucks sometimes, we are seeing reality for what it is.  We are lucky to be living in this light.  Most people can’t even imagine doing some of the things we do every day. 



  The day the Wind showed up.  Yesterday we lost two beautiful souls to the gathering.  It seems like everyone is heading to the Rainbow gathering.  It will be really beautiful.  There is a huge part of me that wants to go, but I know I am needed here.  A week or two ago we got word that Climber Eric was training a group of people to help evict us.  That is just what we need.  All of the skilled climbers leaving right before the siege.  Well, we don’t know that but if what we heard was true, it is a good idea to have skilled climbers up here to defend Aradia, Lichen, Garden, and Mana.  It is super foggy today, a bit damp.  I’m feeling a bit ill, so I am taking it easy today.  It is crazy once LP left, there was the weird silence.  It is crazy to feel intensely someone’s energy leave.  It is a lot more mellow now that those boys left.  I am in need of some food, my belly aches.  Ahh, Aradia’s love is so beautiful.



  Rained all day.  Did some pretty nice beat boxing with the kidos Dew and Mart.  The sun’s out now and we are cooking and I am thinking about nothing much at all.  Five slept last night.  Morning dew and chipmunks.  Still can’t believe the law suit of Judi Bari vs. the FBI/ Oakland Police Department was victorious.  Spirits are high, the white collar/ police force tag team was given a monster elbow from the third buckle!  The true terrorists (FBI) are exposed for what attention Americans will pay, they should (we should, we all should) pay close heed and Act!



  Sesquicentennial Anniversary!  150 days in Aradia!

This is my delight, thus to wait and watch at the wayside where shadow chases light and the rain comes in the wake of summer.  Messengers with tidings from unknown skies, greet me and speed along the road.  My heart is glad within and the breath of the passing breeze is sweet.  From dawn until dusk I sit here before my door, and I know that suddenly the happy moment will arrive when I shall see.  In the meanwhile I smile and sing all alone.  In the meanwhile the air is filled with the perfume of promise.

Six more new beautiful faces for the evening.  I am so glad a few are returning spirits.  I’ll miss them so much once they go.  Two new folks are planning to stay.  It’ll be fun once they see this place in the daylight.  It is so beautiful here.



  Once again as they come they now go.  This morning has been a madhouse.  Eleven waking in the canopy on Gypsy Mountain.  I am ill with gardia.  Yeah, two out of three times I have had it has been in the trees.  Yucky, that is no fun spending half of the day over the shitter, ugh.  Hopefully some new spirits drift this way.  One sailor is deboarding here pretty soon, actually two of them, but one is returning shortly after.  Once I am not so bucket ridden I would like to make the single line to Huckleberry a walkway.  Maybe set a line to that big Duggy past Mana with all of the Usnea.  There is a little tree leaning up to it, so I think I could free climb it from the bottom.  I can’t wait to try, then J-man can stop harassing the girls about how the guys do everything in the canopy.  The women need to RISE!



  I can see through to the next pages to see the drawings.  Gardener and I did those so long ago.  It was his first time in Aradia.  He climbed up the Garden tree.  I didn’t think at the time I would be the one to run across these pictures first.  I taught the two new guys how to traverse.  It looks like the Lichen walkway could be tensioned.  I would do it today, but I still feel super ill.  Last night I hurled my guts out.  It was crazy emotional.  Then this morning in Lichen I was smoking a bowl giving thanks, saying a prayer and I totally broke down.  The mother is so powerful.  Only a little time later, Lichen started shaking.  I figured it was an animal, but it was a pretty steady shake.  On the radio later today I found out there was a 5.2 Earthquake 22 miles west of Eureka.  It was like she was speaking to me.

Give more to receive less

Give life soul & fire.






  Water run day by the river.  It was so hot.  It was so beautiful.  Got clean and healthy.  When we got up again we searched for the medicine that was so needed.  We sang songs.  We are so blessed.  Aradia takes care of us.  She loves us so so much, praise Jah!



  eight slept scattered throughout the village.  Chilly night as we danced with the clouds.  The forest was drinking the moisture in.



  The clouds stayed with us all night into the morning.  The condensation causes drops to fall from the branches.  Later in the day the clouds bring sprinkles across the forest, feeding the roots and the streams that flow to the river.  Line set in Lichen.  Nine sleeping in the village.  Yummy dinner pasta with organic cheese.  Piss jug dropped to the ground as folks were climbing.  We Must tie all things hanging off of the platform well, and before we drop things over, check if it is tied in.



  Lots of gear hiked back up the mountain.  Good!  Beautiful music awakening my soul, drawing emotions, directing my where to go.  Home at last in Aradia’s arms, letting my energies flow with the wind, not remembering where I have been, I float… not a wanderer, my searching for meaning in what we call life is here.  Have no fear.



  Been up in Aradia about a week now, feel like I’m home.  Doing a copule of water runs, finding lots of (or a few) herbs.  Gypsy Blue (possibly) coming around lots.  The fog comes in pretty fast reminding me to prepare for night time.  Set a climb line on the Garden tree met her daughter tree today.  Monrovia seems to be doing better. Helped her stand up today and gave her some water just a little loving is all she needed.  Just three of us sitting on the platform for a couple days.



 Night 159th  Arrived at Aradia, population increase from three to seven.  For infections brought Usnea tincture.



 Night 160th  So much creative talent.  Still, calm, and sunny day.  Two fixed the top traverse to Lichen so short people can have it a little easier crossing.  People cooked dank food today and we ate all of the chocolate.  Time to manifest more.  No water left at dusk.  Night rolled in for the first time in a while without a slobbery cloud drooling all over us.  Thankfully all of the bedding is finally dry, needs to be washed though.  Warm and dry.  Friendly faces, full tummies and crazy Gypsy Bird’s kamikaze ass.  Maybe traverse tonight, maybe next week. The return of Ewok (again)  Presto manifesto… chocolate.









  I slept in Lichen along last night.  Aradia and Shira are getting a deep clean today.  Two went to Babylon to get chocolate and oranges with promise to come back soon.  Trucker’s rope will keep you alive if tied loosely mutherflipper yeh!  Much love!



  four slept.  All trees occupied.  Warm and sunny, woke up early with the sun, no mists with the night.  Kids called from town today confirming minutes around 9:45 am.  Babylon is celebrating its independence in three days.  What a joke!  It is crazy how our minds are conditioned to respond to such stuff with unconscious glee.  Anyhow, we are well and eating the last of the sweets.  We still hear cutting in the direction of Texas.  I/ we feel it is beyond, but wouldn’t this disturb the Marbled Murrelets’ breeding? 

Opening the doors to the outside world

Many layers of wood

Most still alive red soft and breathing

Glide gently down the rope

A massive trunk, ancient wise holding

Many children in this life.

It is not just Aradia

She speaks of sister trees and

They rustle back

Anticipating wind through their ‘leaves’

Down on the forest floor

Looking back up up up at the first door

Contemplating Reasons

Why I left before…

I think barbaloot knocked off the flute.  The flute?  The flute!  That darn barbaloot!



  Heard five trees fall.  Everyone hoping longing anticipating the resupply kids.  Stayed up real late waiting for them so far no show today we heard five trees fall decided to start keeping track of numbers we hear.  For about a week it has been lots of heavy machinery and chainsaws and trees falling.  Sounds like it is coming from beyond Texas.  Went to campground today, met someone who wants to do a resupply, knows people in town last two days I’ve been down for water.  We have seen Palco (Pacific Lumber Company) vehicles on the road, an orange jeep and an orange truck.  All trees being slept in tonight.  One peeps planning on leaving in the morning.



  Six trees heard fall in morning.  It is morning and still no resupply kids, hope they are okay.  Hope they are still coming soon.  All supplies are real low, but we are doing good.  Two of the four of us as of yesterday set a lower walkway from the Doug Fir Huckleberry to Lichen.  Today I am planning on doing some tarpology on the sky boat/ raft in Aradia (it is really wet up there) and set up some water catching plastic/ tarps.  Would like to work on restabilizing original Aradia platform in near future.  Aradia is teaching me to be humble and kind to all.  Barabalute (the flying squirrel) is getting real comfy up here with everyone, just like one of the family!  Monrovia (the baby tree) is doing wonderfully, she is so beautiful and smells so good.



  Resupply came last night.  Lots of love and goodness.  Five slept.  Three in Aradia, one in Garden, and one in Mana.  Did a little recon over by Texas.  They are still falling trees.  One person left.



  Chainsaws cutting early in the morning.  Four in tree.  Replaced bottom truckers rope going to Garden tree.



  Another chill day up in the canopy.  Did a water run.  Cleaned up platform and shitting area.  Flan is now gone.  Gypsy Blue hasn’t been around for a few days, probably because of Independence day, all of the food scraps in the campground.



  Last night fog surrounded the ridge on all sides!  Starry night.  Beautiful sunny day.  Living in the greens.  Two people slept on the platform last night in Aradia, one in the Gardener, one in the sky raft in Aradia, and one in Mana’s sky raft.  Bless this day.  Thanks and praises to Gaia <3 [image]



 Wednesday after July 8th.

Imagination.  Desire.  Self not Ego.

Stars falling * trees * rising kids singing UFO lights behind my dome peace yesterday evening, cool!  Our breathe left rainbow circles in the candle light and free.  Kind glow between our trees.  Lemur, Chai Squirrel, and I.  Aradia majestic and patient as ever, the fog came on like R.E.M. yesterday when us kids free climbed to the irie heights of Aradia’s arms.  We have all been flowing and growing just fine together.  Oh Praises!  I love CREATION!! We ventured to the sky.  Arms open.  Singing a lot lately.  As I was jiving, listening to the sweet voices of Lemur and Chai.  Responding to the vibe, high, open, free, limitless.  So anyways, we caught the chance to greet the sun before the forest inhaled the cloud life, muffling our Bird Friends’ wonderous songs.  Chilly fog embracing all of these awesome branches and leaves.  Bark smelling fresh.  Jungle on my mind, reading Tarot.  Cooking vegan ghetto lovin’s.  It is so cool how all our crafts, gifts, skills, songs, etc. have been coming together.  This crew is kindered close and there is a comforting essence to be shared more so every day we play in Aradia’s Arms.  Our hearts stoked up like this rocket stove we are learning so much.  Chai Squirrel is working great medicine in all he does.  We instantly connected brother- love status.  Lemur is beyond words as well.  Instant Aloha Sister stat.  We’ve all been having tight drum seshes and stuff. We’re Jammin from the Heart.  I am positive.  A lot more centered with Aradia than my first ascent.  I went on a ground mission this week.  Vampire can’t even see Jedi.  White bubble came back alive, living with fruits and vegetable ORGANIC Bounty of GAIA.  Vitamins and minerals.  We have been blessed with life, to breathe.  Justice!  Help us Grandfathers!  Grandmothers HEALING NOW!  Please!  I am not too proud to beg, not too loud to listen to the guidance of my blessed relations.  I Love You All unconditionally.  I am willing and able to give more and more to love, heal, nurture this FAMILY.  We are all like babies sometimes always divine flow here we go.  Music is cool like that, the Simple and Universal Truth revealed.  Grace unforced released old pain, emotions accepted, free.  Thank you, we are Free.  I see these circles intertwining, woven and knitted strong like Lodge Pole’s macramé bags that have been so useful to all of us.  I have been thinking a lot about you, bro!  Missing Austin so much.  Meeting new, yet familiar faces all so willing to Unite in this effort to protect what we hold so sacred.  Lemur and us two dudes being crafty and thinking good thoughts  WE ARE BEING PREPARED for attack and gathering ideas.  We are going to rehearse and go over strategies.  We are so blessed.  I cannot express all of these wonderful ways we live, learn, and RELATE.  I miss a lot of kids out there, but there is nowhere like here now.  We can hear cows through the fog.  Bull said FLAN—



  Lemur here… Four kids here in Aradia, chilling and eating the dank veggies.  After a long day’s work!  Everyone put in their efforts and skills.  Climbed the first Doug Fir to be got into.  Beautiful with Usnea hanging all over the place!  A fat place for a net or sky raft to sleep!  Loving the vibe of Aradia’s arms… Home Again! [image]



  Squirrel, J-man, and I reporting from the Stellar Ship.  Jive, Squirrel, and I went down the mountain today.  Swam in the river, and looked around for some FLAN.  Returned home to Aradia with water and zuzus.  Fog set in… chilling, loving the positive Aradia vibes… Home again after a long day on the ground!



  Merhabalar a bir daha, bugun vaha harika cok guzel hava oldu.  (Hello again, very nice weather today, it was a wonderful oasis.)  Okay, I’ll stick to the English, since everyone in the world speaks it anyways, imposing, encroaching still more captivity, imperialistic, ethno centric bullshit.  Ama simdi ne yapacam, bilmiyorum?  (But right now I'll do what I do not know)


So the fog is here again, but a little higher, so warmer as we all continue like the fog, to grow closer.  Kicking it in the upper world, traversing, and today I free climbed Aradia via Shiva.  Dikkat etmem lazim.  (I gotta pay attention)  We have been growing closer with our family around us.  Aloha is traversable from Manna now.  What a beautiful tree, full of Usnea and wisdom as all these trees do.  We had some kind family come and share love and flan yesterday.  Chilled an got a meeage tonight.  We be here where the Jays soar, happy.  Lately most of Earth’s creatures seem to be staying away from us, wonder why.  Lemur cooked up some dank flancakes once again.  Feel at home.  Night all.



Monday  Four trees cut.  Ewok here again.  Been here a couple of days, and I guess no one has written for about four days or so.  That just shows we are busy kids.  We need to retension the Stellar Ship soon.  It is a “Monster Platform”  The moon is almost full.  It is so beautiful up here this high in the flanopy.  Jim Morrison said some shit one time that I can relate to, he said, “I Love all of the Friends that I have gathered here today on this Thin Raft.”  There has been issues in town and at the house that I am going to leave out of my entry because Babylon Sucks Ass, and the forest is positive, yes, and Jah Love, Jah Protect I, Jah Protect Us All.  Much real love, much respect.



  Nine total last night.  Two stayed in Mana the evening of last.  It was dark and rainy and the line sunk low because it was wet, so it was kind of hard to get up.  But the sky raft was hella cozy.  [image]



 Wednesday 25th  six slept on platform in Aradia.  We went through the first part in a story of a pixie, a gnome, and an elf -traveling on light- on a journey through known – unknown lands.  Sea Serpents with tentacle faces and the Dark Lord on Vacation in Mirkwood.  I tried to turn him to stone, but no one was listening.

As with all things, respect comes from experience.  We should be retensioning the platform sometime soon and We have not more Honey.  Yummy treesitters’ golden goo *manifesto*

There was an old woman who looked back at her life and sighed at past lovers and friends.  She looked at her wrinkled hands and there were barely noticeable callouses.  She gleamed knowing the trees below her flanopy house were one day going to be looking down, alive and real.

Jah live – protect – Treesittah – Stellarship crew



  Last night was my second night in a tree ever!  Here in the canopy the clarity that I always struggle for comes to me and everyone here easily.  I feel Mother Earth’s satisfaction, love, wisdom, and respect that she gives us for our work, lifestyle, and choices.  When the clouds roll in and surround us, the platform feels like a ship at sea, so tranquil floating free.



 Friday 27th  I think… What is Reality to You?  One left late afternoon.  The traverse to Huckleberry from Lichen is Flantastic.  People are so dear, they all want love and acceptance.  We all have our own way of showing love, and being in the Flanopy breaks barriers, Jah Light – Shine through.  I knew you were there.  I miss my brothas and sistas in Babylon, and it’s good that I have to stay here – This is the first time in the forest I haven’t wanted or needed Babylon.  Waiting for chocolate, oats, smokes, peeps.  Listening to the birdies sing the fogs rolling in again, and I wonder what it is like to be alone out here.  Recluse in Lichen.  It’s okay to be alone.  Even though my light was clouded, I loved you, and now that my brother has wiped my tears, I can still say I love you.  Open heart and mind.  When the light is dim it is harder to see me.  I hope you will come round, rise up soon to the Flanopy.  Spider medicine.  We owe each other Nothing but LOVE.  You betta RISE UP ^

Wren my thoughts are with you in Freshwater.  Still hoping to see ya on my birthday.  Zuzus and Flan baby, ye hah-  Watching the saw swing in the breeze Aradia breath between the trees.  I see light vibrations.  Food is ready on the fire, the medicine wheel spinning our consciousness higher.  I don’t know what I am doing to help, but the flow is taking me where it is needed from me.  I love you all so very much. 



 209th Day  one in the tree village.  Saturday the 28th, let’s see how many days this ship has been at sea?  Sea See SEE Clearcuts growing around me!!!  I like it up here along with just the trees.  Personal empowerment.  It is much easier to get things done alone, but you got to know what you are doing first.  Common brothas share selflessly.  One went down to the bottom of the mountain today.  I must say I am relieved to hear my own thoughts again.  Aradia, Garden, Lichen, Huckleberry, Mana, Yamoona, Yasmin - whispering softly to my heart. 



 210th Day  Rains soaking, the tippy tops glistening, mists a rolling in to me, then in the morning out to sea.  Oh Redwoods, can this truly be?  Chainsaws, Cars, Motors, Babylon, Helicopters that fly way too close to here, sounds like knock knock knock KNOCK rattling the ears and the platform.  This platform needs to be retensioned.  Poor Shiva’s branch.  We are listening.

If I was the only one up here for years, I’d eventually have to figure it out on my own.

CONSENSUS = MUY PATIENCE.  So the help flows from knowledge and knowledge equals power.  Self empowerment = getting shit done.  WHERE DOES ONE FIT IN???  Only one person can tell, that is the SELF.  And it is not by following someone else around.  Wake up brothers and sisters.  Attachment brings us down.

I want to be alone in a tree, with sisters surfin across from me.  Self empowerment in the flanopy, don’t let the oppressors bring you down.  Stay up up up.  Don’t give IN.  Your divining is years.  Babylon is scared now.  Righteous sister ewok sitters gonna win.



 211th Day  Monday July 30th  Yesterday we began retensioning play time in Aradia and Shiva.  SPECed out the entire east side of the platform is hanging from one of Aradia’s arms and really all of the weight is on the farthest out support.  It is all in the works.  And so is jah’s sweet light and love energy.  One went down to town early today after an entire night of misery and bitching, we finally took this person (remaining nameless) up on a self proposed offer to leave the sit.  We were happy and reluctant at the overall attitude.  It only takes a change of attitude to start spreading light.

Rise up please brothers.  Rise up please sisters.  There is a higher cause that supplicates happiness and love energy beyond drama.



  in the Stellar Ship.  Tuesday July 31st.  Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig.  Going to make Wild Berry Flancakes like cute lil’ pigs.  No Oats left and plenty of babble.  Went digging through the moldy rain jackets and found a game of Scrabble.  J-man held up the Stellar Ship while three of us went to a big Old Growth section, not to be named, to do a little exploring.  Ate all sorts of Flanberries and had happy brotha sista energy exchanges light love and laughter.  Muy Informatio bro Gracias. 

One went on a water run.  J-mans a little itchy, wants to know how serious folks are, but we love him, and he knows that too.  The parks and wildlife are building dam for the Salmon in the valley between Gypsy Mountain and the Marbled Murrelets’ Breeding Grounds. 

Note: Vinegar is no substitute for any oil.