Forest Logs

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Mattole  Free  State  Writings

The Mattole is a River located in Northern California.  The lumber companies own quite a lot of the land surrounding the North Fork of the Mattole headwaters.  The Mattole Forest Defenders are/were a group dedicated to protecting this rare and beautiful ecosystem.  From the location of our previous Free State we could see the Ocean 50 degrees of the sky line.  We were in the center of the bulb that you see in the California map, between Eureka and Whitethorn/Garberville. Yeah, that big green space, that is OUR HOME!!!  Along with many species of Wildlife and rare/endangered plants.   A peaceful reality of survival, beauty & the love of freedom...

This is a site I have created to gather some of the stories from those of us who found refuge in standing up to the Timber barons, by saying, "Not on our watch!"  The Mattole Free State lasted from November 2000 to April 2001, when they came in & began to log through May and June.  The forest continued to be occupied through October 2001.  We were absent from the societal reality starting on voting day, through the eventual announcement of Bush's new reign. By the time the Twin towers fell, we were wholly malnourished, inspecting the newest logging plans as they cleaned up their most recent devastation of the forest.  As I sat with my friend finally back in town at the hospital getting our rabies shots, I watched in horror, the first time seeing a television screen in nearly two years.  Witnessing the first bombs getting dropped, unknowing it would be a continuing operation. I thought we had been traumatized by witnessing what the corporations were doing to the peaceful wilderness, and here is our own government overseas dropping bombs!  I am not much more enchanted by how this country has condoned itself.  I hope someday we can embrace our humanity and include this beautiful world's creations in love & stop taking full advantage as those in power ignore what is going on long term. I dream of that feral freedom we felt in the woods.  I am also haunted by the extreme devastation we as a human race are imposing on the other species of the Natural World.  Why are WE not part of 'the Natural World'?  Why must we be separate?